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We are a company that has been operating in the Olive industry for three generations. Caliandro’s Farm is placed on the hills between the towns of Ostuni and to Ceglie. We are a company that produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil, except for the olives picked up from those trees which are adjacent to lands not of our property, in accordance with local regulations for the production of Biological Products..

Why 100% organic?

Basically all our olives come from a 100% organic farming; in fact you should know that in organic farming some organic products and treatments are allowed, but we prefer bringing to your table an oil without any treatment, letting you enjoy a product oil matching your Health and Nature. Moreover, Caliandro’s farm features olive groves of noble varieties such as "Ogliarola, Leccina, Pecholine, Carolea, Frantoio."

Being professional comes first

A further sign of our professionalism is given by the harvest, which takes place strictly via shaker or manually and by nets, so just picking the olives fallen on nets and omitting those fallen to the ground. Passed this step, the olives are transported to the Company, where they are processed into oil within the next 24 hours, principally obtaining an extra-virgin, and minimally a virgin olive oil.


Why is a good Mill a guarantee for quality?

The Mill is provided with an exclusively mechanical cold-press system, that works leaving intact the substances contained in the Apulian organic olive oil from Caliandro’s Farm, which allow a better preservation in time, and also a better digestibility because it has not suffered from any overheating. Furthermore this crusher is characterized by an outcropping separation system, based on a traditional method that exploits the density between the oil and the vegetation water, thus avoiding a further overheating. All this guarantees a secure genuine oil suitable for any healthy diet.

Other Activities from Caliandro’s Farm: Livestock

Caliandro’s Farm also handles the breeding of dairy cattles for the production of raw milk. In fact it manages the first phase of the milk supply chain, selling the milk to a dealer for distribution to local dairies.

In addition, the livestock provides organic matter to olive growing, in order to fertilize the olive trees.

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Oil from Organic Farming

olio certificato biologico

Inspection body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture IT BIO 007

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